1. Alington, Charles. Field Trials and Judging - "The Kennel Gazette" - UK - 1929 1st. Ed. [A delightful and rare overview of early spaniel and retriever field trials.] 109p - original bright green cvrs with exceptional gilt lettering and gilrt illustrations of a retriever & a spaniel - sporadic foxing throughout, numerous "pencil" notations that will erase, lovely book plate of W. Lee White inside front cover as well as his name stamped and printed on ffep - book is tight, bright and with the exception of the faults described vg. C$30.00
  3. Anthology [Truax, Doug] (ed) A Breed Apart Vol 1 - Countrysport - MI - 1993 1st ed [A collection of wonderful gundog stories by the leading writers in their field] 189p - illus by Bruce Langton f/f C$32.00   Note: we also have Vol 11 available in fine condition at the same price or C$56.00 for the two.  [2 copies of Vol 11 available]
  4. Argue, Derry. Pointers and Setters - Swan Hill - UK - 1993 1st. Edition [A complete guide to the training & breeding of the pointer, English, Irish, & Gordon setters by one of the leading gundog breeders and trainers in the UK.] 189p - illus with photos and a collection of wonderful clr plates of champions- fully indexed f/f C$24.00 [2]
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  17. Brown, Darren (ed) For The Love Of A Dog - Wilderness Adventure - MT - 1999 1st. edition [Few things pull at our heartstrings like the courage and loyalty of a good dog. This anthology gathers many classic stories of bird dogs that show the precious and unbreakable bond that develops between hunter and dog. These timeless stories will lead you back to memories of you own best days spent afield with gun and dog.] 250p - illus by Brett Smith - f/f C$32.00
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  78. Tarrant, Bill. How To Hunt Birds With Gun Dogs - Stackpole - PA - 1994 1st. Edition [Not your usual run-of-the-mill "how to books" but rather some solid proven advise from one of the most respected dog trainers in modern times. Tarrant takes you and pup into the field hunting more than 20 popular game birds.] 178p - illus - fully indexed - f/f C$20.00 [2]
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  82. Tarrant, Bill. Tarrant Trains Gun Dogs - Stackpole - PA - 1989 1st ed. [Humane way to get top results - the first book written to remove the whip from the trainer's hand.] 222p - illus - fully indexed - f/f C$25.00 [2]
  83. Tarrant, Bill. Training the Versatile Retriever To Hunt Upland Birds - Wilderness Adventures - MT - 1996 [Tarrant teamed up with four of America's top retriever trailers to produce this excellent training aid for those who want a retriever that not only retrieves but also hunts upland.] 268p - illus - fully indexed - f/f C$40.00 [2]
  84. Taylor, John D. A Gentleman's Shooting Dog - Bonasa - PA - 2005 1st. Edition [Award winning author of seven books and frequent contributor to Upland Almanac as well as Gun-Dog & Pointing-Dog magazines, Taylor examines the evolution of the legendary Ryman Setter and how four primary individuals.....George Ryman, Ellen Ryman-Calkins, Carl Cawkins, and today Ken Alexander through DeCoverly Kennels have stewarded this unique line of English setters through a century.] 354p - illus by Dann Jacobus and with photos - fully indexed - outer edge damp stain to 1st 4 pgs o/w a fine unread copy in a fine dj reduced to C$25.00 
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