1. Aagaard, Finn. Aagaard’s Africa: A Hunter Remembers - National Rifle Assoc. - DC - 1991 1st. Edition [Finn Aagaard has spent most of his life establishing the mettle of others in that most demanding of proving grounds, the game fields of his native Kenya. He guided and occasionally nurtured budding hunters, building his business and raising a family. Although there were close scrapes, Finn never lost a client, friend, or partner making the memories particularly comical and memorable.] 196p - illus with photos - pictorial end papers f/vg C$35.00

  4. Allison, Col. The Trophy Hunters - Murray - Australia - 1979 1st. Edition [Twenty-four legends of the hunting world including Charles Boner, Erwin Bauer, Elgin Gates, Roy Weatherby, Tony Dyer, F.C. Selous, Col Allison, Ray Speer, among others, relate stories of some of their most famous hunts, from the rocky wilderness of southern Transylvania to the prime wapiti country of northern British Columbia to the most remote safari country of East Africa.] 240p - illus with photos in b/w & clr - mapped eps - f/near f. C$15.00

  5. Anderson, Major G.H. (Andy) African Safaris - Safari - CA - 1997 1st. Edition [One of the rarest books on African hunting and considered by many to be one of the classics on Elephant hunting. Born in England in 1878 Major Anderson was a professional hunter and founder of the East African Professional Hunter’s Association. After retiring from a distinguished military career in 1919, Anderson married and established a coffee farm outside Nairobi. The major’s professional elephant hunting adventures took him to Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Zaire and the Congo . He returned to England in 1939, served in the Home Guard then returned to Africa for his last Safari in 1945. Anderson became ill and died in South Africa in 1946.] 173p - illus with a photo section - Notes in appreciation of Major G.H. Anderson by Tony Sanchez-Arino - Forward by Lord Cranworth f/f C$100.00
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  8. Annabel, Russell. Tales Of A Big Game Guide - Premier Press - SC - 1985 [A beautiful reprint of the author's first great book.. In a prefatory note to this wonderful classic first published in 1938, Annabel states, and we quote: "I must explain that in selecting the stories which make up Tales Of A Big Game Guide I have sought to cover the field of Alaskan hunting rather than to achieve any sort of continuity. Because it seemed important to describe a winter mountain-sheep hunt, for instance, I have included "To Kill A Mountain Ram," even though I appear in it as a sixteen year old youngster, and in the next tale, somewhat incongruously as a grown man holding a professional guide's license" end of quote.] 218p - illus with photos - forward by Ellen Enzler-Herring - bound in full reddish-brown leather with glt titles and glt deco cvr. - aeg - raised bands - marbled eps - sewn in silk marker - limited to 3000 hand numbered copies - f. C$75.00

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  20. Boddington, Craig. Buffalo! - Safari - CA - 2006 [A veteran hunter of Africa's gamelands, Boddington has not only hunted buffalo more than any other African species, he has hunted them in every place in Africa where a huntable population still exists. Craig shares his most memorable buffalo hunts and provides a ton of advise for those who have the urge to tangle with the beast that Ruark once described as "looking at you as though you owe him money".] 248p - profusely illus with clr photos - bound in black buckram with gold titles - f/f C$35.00 [2]

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  55. Ekin, Craig. Howard Hill: The Man And The Legend - Privately Published - MT - 1982 1st. Edition [The biography of one of the greatest archers of all time. Craig Ekin was born into an archery family in 1950 when his parents Ted & Betty owned and operated the Shawnee Sports Center in Sunland, CA. Craig has continued the tradition taking over the Presidency of Howard Hill Archery Company following his father's passing in 1979 and has fond memories of the famous Hill, who tutored him on the longbow as a young man. Hill's notoriety in longbow archery gained him the title of "the world's greatest archer" a distinction rarely enjoyed in any field during one's lifetime.] 231p - illus with photos - previous owner's inked name on endpaper o/w f/near f C$45.00

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  73. Hemingway, Ernest. True At First Light - Scribner - NY - 1999 [A both revealing self-portrait and dramatic fictional chronicle of his final African safari, Ernest Hemingway's last unpublished work was written when he returned from Kenya in 1953. Edited by his son Patrick, who accompanied his father on that his last safari.] 319p - f/f C$35.00 [2]

  74. Hemingway, Hilary & Jeffry Lindsay. Hunting With Hemingway - Riverhead - 2000 [Fifteen years after the suicide of Ernest Hemingway's younger brother Leicester, his daughter Hilary received her curious inheritance: an audocassette recorded on one of the many evenings her father held court around a ceremonial fire on the family's Miami Beach estate, telling tales of narrow escapes on hunting trips with his famous older brother. Hilary and her family share these tales and the many mysteries of the Hemingway family throughout this interesting read.] 316p - pictorial end papers - f/f C$25.00

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  195. Seton-Karr, H.W. Shores And Alps of Alaska -Samson, Low, Marston, , Searle, & Rivington - UK - 1887 1st. edition [From the preface: "The clearest and simplest manner of describing a journey of exploration, of sport, or of adventure, is often in the form of the original diary_penned in situ from day to day in the tent, the forest, or the canoe, on the shore, the glacier, or the mountain side. Such a book does this profess to be, having the merits, if it has the defects, of an instantaneous word-photograph, rather than of a carefully elaborated work of art". And so it was as the New York Times expedition set forth across Canada on the new CPR not yet completed through the Rockies then up the coastal regions of British Columbia and Alaska where they would make their attempt upon Mount St. Elias. A fascinating account of early exploration in an uncharted land by a highly respected Explorer, Big Game hunter, and Member of the British Cabinet who would later be Knighted. Tragically, the author would loose his life in 1914 when C.P's Empress of Ireland sank in the St. Lawrence River.] 248p - illus + 2 maps [lacks folding map]- lovely early rebinding by Brown, Edinburgh in ½ deep burgundy leather, raised glt bands and glt title to sp - very minimal shelf-wear to cvr edges & corners, very little glt remaining on sp title, slight foxing to eps & 2 closed tears to the text lower border o/w a very tight and desirable copy of an extremely rare and collectable work. Overall we give it a vg+. C$100.00

  197. Shakespear, Captain Henry (Commendant Nagpore Irregular Force). The Wild Sports Of India - Ticknor & Fields - Boston 1860 author's edition   
  198. being an account of the author's experiences in India hunting hogs, tiger, panther, bear, buffalo, and elephant with remarks on the breeding and rearing of horses, and the formation of light irregular cavalry. The author arrived in India from England in 1834.] 283p - bound in original brown textured boards with fresh eps and a lovely spine replacement of brown kid leather with glt titles - pages browned with age, cvr corners worn o/w vg. (handsomely restored) C$125.00


  199. Smith, Richard P. Deer Hunting - Stackpole - PA - 1991 [A professional guide to North America's most popular big game animal. Whitetail, Mule Deer, and Exotics with gun, bow, and camera, all three disciplines in a single volume.] wrps - 260p - illus with photos - f. C$10.00

  200. Sudbeck, Odie. Awesome Antlers of North America: 500 World Class Bucks - pp - KS - 1993 1st. Edition [The N.A. continent is blessed with a rich heritage of beautiful antlered deer. Whether whitetail, mule, elk, caribou, or moose, each member of the deer family is an awesome sight to behold. Awesome Antlers of North America has been written to recognize this heritage and to satisfy an appetite that the author, and millions of other whitetail and mule deer enthusiasts have for huge trophy bucks. This book meets this need in three ways: 1. It provides valuable knowledge about growth and formation of antlers. 2. It provides the opportunity to view and admire photos of the world's most awesome antlers, gathered together for the first time. 3. It provides the hunting tactics and trophy locations that produce world class bucks.] 280p - profusely illus in clr & b/w - bound in pictorial covers - f. C$32.00

  202. Sudbeck, Odie. Heartland Trophy Whitetails: Major Mulies - pp - KS - 1993 [Sudbeck discusses (4) US States: Kansas; Missouri; Nebraska; & Iowa, that have the ideal combination of ingredients necessary for the production of trophy whitetails. Mild winters, and mixed hardwoods that are interspersed with abundantly rich farmland provide the climate, cover, and nutrition needed. Over the past thirty years these heartland states have produced (4) of the largest sets of antlers (including sheds) in the US.] 272p - profusely illus with photos and accompanying text - bound in pictorial cvrs - f. C$24.00

  204. Sutherland, James. The Adventures of an Elephant Hunter - Safari - CA - 2002 [First published by the author in 1912 and with such appeal that a second printing followed one month later. Regarded as one of the best elephant hunting titles ever, Sutherland's classic tale is one of the few to rival that of Walter Bell' books. Among the estimated 1200 elephants he shot were some colossal tuskers. His best pair weighed in at 152 and 137 pounds.] 324p - illus with photos - fully indexed - f/f C$50.00 [3]

  206. Sutton, Dr. Richard L. Tiger Trails in Southern Asia - Mosby - St. Louis 1926 1st. Edition [The author and his party hunting Tiger throughout southern Asia with much on the customs, natives, and wildlife in general.] 207p - illus with photos -very slight shelf wear and minimal soilage to covers o/w vg. C$72.00

  208. Swiggett, Hal. Hal Swiggett on North American Deer - Jolex - NJ - 1980 1st. ed. [Covers all North American species of Deer with tips from the experts on hunting them with rifle, shotgun, muzzleloader, bow & handgun with chapters on field-dressing, care of meat, cooking, care of knives, & preparing the cape for taxidermy.] 273p - illus - f/f C$10.00

  210. Taylor, John. Pondoro: Last of The Ivory Hunters - Safari - CA - 1989 [For more than 30 yrs. the author hunted in Africa, often out of touch with civilization for as long as three and four yeas at a time, claiming to have learned of WW 11 only after some of his men sent for provisions, returned with tea & salt wrapped in old newspapers. Few African books in modern history have enjoyed as many printings as this classic.] 354p - illus with photos - f/f C$45.00 [3]

  212. Thomas, E. Donnall Jr. Longbow Country - TMB Inc - ID - 1995 First edition [Thomas's affair with the long bow shines in this one as he shares his adventures from hunting black bears in Alaska to Arizona javelina to the wild pigs of Hawaii. The twenty one essays in this book are written from the heart by one of the top outdoor writers of our time.] 146p - illus with photos - tough book to find these days and this one inscribed by the author f/f C$80.00

  214. Taylor, Stephen. The Mighty Nimrod - Collins - UK - 1989 1st. edition [Being the life of Frederick Courteney Selous, African Hunter and Adventurer 1851 - 1917. An outstanding biography of arguably the most famous of the African hunters of the Victorian Period.] 321 p - illus with photos - mapped end papers - f/f and very scarce at this price C$150.00

  216. Unger, Frederick William. Roosevelt's Hunting Trip To Africa - Thompson - Chicago - 1909 1st. Edition [Being the story of his life, the voyage from New York to Mombasa, and the route through the heart of Africa, including the big game and other ferocious animals, strange peoples and Countries found in the course of his travels. This extremely rare biography describes in detail, Roosevelt's historical African expedition under the auspices of the Smithsonian Institute. A rare opportunity for T.R collectors.] 440p - lavishly illustrated with photos from the expedition, maps, and numerous engravings - bound in original red cloth with pictorial cover including a cameo photo of Roosevelt - cover's bit faded, with minor shelf wear along leading edges, lower corners worn to boards, front hinge starting, inked name written (twice) inside rear cover, and again on (5) different pages thoughout the book (none interfering with the printed text) - aside from the various faults described, the binding of this highly collectable work is sound and the pages clean, overall it rates a vg. C$220.00

  218. Van Zwoll, Wayne. Elk Rifles, Cartridges And Hunting Tactics - pp by the author - WA - 1992 1st. ed [This quite simply has to be the most comprehensive and well written "species specific" book we have seen. Absolutely nothing is left to chance. Van Zwoll has a handsome list of hunting and shooting credentials that make this volume nothing short of excellent.] 416p - illus with photos - fully indexed - nice textured pictorial cvrs - inscribed by the author - f. C$40.00

  220. Van Zwoll, Wayne. Mastering Mule Deer - North American Hunting Club - MN - 1888 [One of the most authoritative books on hunting mule deer. It unveils the most proven techniques, and deciphers the technical information that help to understand the habits & behavior of mule & black-tail deer.] 282p - illus with photos - fully indexed - inscribed by the author - f. C$20.00

  222. Vettier, Dr. Jacques. Big Game Hunting In Asia, Africa, And Elsewhere Trophy Room - CA - 1993 1st. English language edition [First published in France in 1990 and following much success in the European market, Trophy Room Books of Agoura, California published this lavish first English edition containing 10 additional chapters. Dr. Vettier has quite literally hunted the world over for the most exotic of animals. In Africa he shot mountain nyala, elephant, bongo, lion, giant eland, leopard, buffalo. In Asia he shot most of the wild sheep species outside of Iran as well as an extraordinary four markhors. Across the America's he has taken jaguar, dall sheep, brown bear, desert sheep, bighorn, polar bear, and mouflon. Interspersed with the author's philosophy on hunting is his sometimes "sharp pen" about fellow hunters.] 4to - 367p - profusely illus with photos - bound in lovely bright green buckram with glt titles and a wonderful gilt marhor on cover - pictorial eps - Limited to 1000 signed and hand numbered copies - f. C$225.00

  224. Von Blixen - Finecke, Bror African Hunter - St. Martins - NY - 1986 Peter Capstick, series editor [Although perhaps best remembered to-day as the husband of novelist Isak Dinesen, Bror von Blixen was a brilliant and courageous big game hunter in his own right, and as this spellbinding book proves admirably, a highly accomplished story-teller. Here, in witty and conversational prose, the author describes his years in Africa with fascinating insights into his own domestic life, and thrilling accounts of big game hunting in pre WW 11 Africa.] 284p - illus with photos - fully indexed -  f/f C$45.00

  227. Wensel, Gene. Come November - pp - IO - 2001 1st. Edition [The Whitetail experience -- Fifty years of paying attention to deer.] 259p - illus - bound in green buckram with gold titles - inscribed by the author - f. C$88.00

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  231. Wensel, Gene. The Rarest Works of Saxton Pope - Privately Published - Stevensville, MT - nd [A collection of the research data and University of California papers by the late Saxton Pope, most relative to his study of Yahi and other traditional native archery equipment and methods, the life and medical studies conducted on Ishi, as well as the extensive study of early bows and arrows. This very scarce work researched and published by Gene Wensel is a treasury of early archery methods, materials, their construction and use.] 4to - wrps - pages not numbered [about 200] - illus with photos & drawings - f. C$45.00

  233. Whitney, Casper. Jungle Trails And Jungle People - Scribner's - NY - 1905 1st. Edition [Travel and hunting elephant, buffalo, wild cattle, rhino, tiger, boar, seladang, and leopard in Siam, Sumatra, India, and Malaya including much on the life and customs of the native peoples of the countries traveled.] 310p - illus with photos - bound in original blue-green with exceptional glt & ivory pictorial cvrs & titles (elephant tusks and saddle) - interesting Alfred Richard Collins Memorial bookplate on front paste down - hinges starting, a few marks and the usual outer edge dust soilage o/w vg. C$152.00

  235. Whitney, Caspar et al Musk-Ox, Bison, Sheep & Goat - MacMillan - UK - 1904 [Big game experiences of Whitney + Bison by George Bird Grinnell, and Mountain Sheep & White Goat hunting by Owen Wister.] 248p - wonderful tissue guarded frontis of Philip R. Goodwin's painting of an Indian on his pony at full gallop and about to sink an arrow into a bison + other b/w illus - bound in green cloth with elaborate glt pictorial cvrs and glt lett sp - very minor shelf wear o/w vg. C$100.00 [2]

  237. Wieland, Terry. A View From A Tall Hill - Countrysport - ME - 2000 [A fascinating and extremely well researched biography of the Robert Ruark that we all thought we knew. - No Ruark collector should be without this exceptional account of the great writer’s life.] 431p - f/f C$55.00
  239. Wise, Larry with Sherwood Schoch & Glenn Helgeland. Tuning Your Broadheads and Your Entire Hunting Bow System - Target - WI - 1989 2nd. Edition [Great things really do come in small packages and to suggest that this little "gem" is scarce would be a bit of an understatement. It is also quite likely to be one of the most important assets in the serious bow hunters' library.] 138p - illus - wrps - f. C$10.00
  241. Wixom, Hartt. Elk and Elk Hunting - Stackpole - PA - 1986 1st ed [A practical guide to the fundamentals and fine points from a registered Wyoming guide, born in elk country] 287p - illus - f/f C$24.00

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  244. York, William. Out In The Midday Shade - Safari - CA - 2000 [When he was only sixteen, William York traveled to the Sudan, seeking an adventurous life hunting exotic animals. By the time he turned eighteen, he had already shot 250 elephant. This determined youngster crisscrossed the southern Sudan on his own, with only a small band of hired help making a living in the ivory trade before he was eligible to vote! ] 287p - illus with photos and drawings - f/f C$54.00 [2]