1. Adamson, W.A. The Enterprising Angler - Jenkins - UK - 1950 1st. ed. [Salmon & trout, including rainbows in Canada - written for the angler of "modest means" & told with some humor] 268p - illus with photos & drawings + some ads - bound in dark green cloth with gold lett sp - pos o/w vg+ C$10.00


  3. An Angler [Sir Humphry Davy] Salmonia or Days of Fly Fishing: Second Edition - John Murray - UK - 1829 [Being a series of conversations with some account of the habits of fishes belonging to the genus Salmo. Westwood & Satchell rank Salmonia which Davy wrote near the end of his short but distinguished life to be very high on the scale of great angling literature and we are most pleased to offer this fine example in original bindings.] 16mo - 335p - illus with 6 steel engraved plates, 3 plates of flies & several wonderful wood engraved illustrations - bound in publisher's rich green leather with glt decorations, red spine label, raised bands, marbled end papers and marbled outer edges - very moderate wear to extremities vg. C$200.00

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  33. Brown, Bruce. Mountain In The Clouds - A Search for the Wild Salmon - Simon & Schuster - NY - 1982 [A brilliant and illuminating portrait of an environment in crisis which symbolizes the abuse of our natural heritage, despite efforts in recent years. Brown portrays the plight of the wild Pacific salmon, whose future is gravely threatened by the ever-increasing intervention of man into its delicate life cycle, and whose existence lies at the center of the Pacific Northwest's history.] 239p - f/f C$10.00

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  44. Cardenas, Jeffrey. Sea Level - Adventures of A Salt Water Angler - Meadow Run - NJ - 2002 [From the author of the acclaimed Marquesa, comes a collection of vivid essays on saltwater fly fishing written over the past twenty years. A pure delight as the author carefully guides us on a wide range of adventure from the Gulf Coast to Cuba; from the Florida Keys and Bahamas to the North Atlantic.] 186p - f in pictorial sc case C$55.00 

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  49. Connett, Eugene. Fishing A Trout Stream - Derrydale - MS - 1989 [Reprint of Connett's 1934 Derrydale Classic ] 137p - bound in blue cloth with gold lett sp & cvr - L/E of 2500 copies - f in matching sc C$44.00 [2]

  50. Connett, Eugene. Random Casts - Premier Press - SC. - 1987 [First published in 1939 by Derrydale in a limited edition of only 1075 copies, Random Casts is considered among the best of the famous author/publisher's six previous works on trout fishing. Long considered an authority on the subject, Connett's knowledge and literary attributes shine in this only reprint of his famous work.] 195p - illus by Ralph Boyer & Milton Weiler - bound in full forest green leather with glt titles and glt deco cvr. - aeg - raised bands - marbled eps - sewn in silk marker - limited to 3000 hand numbered copies - f. C$68.00

  51. Crawhall, Joseph - The Compleatest Angling Booke That Ever Was Writ - Freshet - NY - 1970 [A facsimile reprint of the author's famous 2nd edition published in 1881]. 4to - 234p - illus as per the original - bound in black leatherette with gold lett sp - cvrs are blind stamped & bordered in gold - text paper is mould-made Nideggen - Bertini deco eps imported from Italy. - f in gold sc C$20.00

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  53. Dalrymple, Byron W. Oldtime Bass Fishing Tales - Winchester - NY - 1993 1st ed. [A collection of essays that the author has written for Bass Master magazine over the years. They begin when Dalrymple was a child and continue through into the 1960's, most are humorous and also contain some very useful info] 189p - illus by Chris Armstrong - f/vg+ C$10.00 

  54. Davis, Edmund W. Salmon fishing On The Grand Cascapedia - The Flyfisher's Classic Library - UK - 2001 [A beautiful reprint of one of the rarest of all Atlantic salmon fishing books. Davis, one of the founding members of the famous Grand Cascapedia Club describes some interesting early fishing on the river, which is widely considered home to the largest Atlantic salmon in North America. Originally published in 1904 with a printing of only 100 copies for family and close friends. Davis also includes some reasoned thoughts on salmon behavior and fly patterns.] 159p - illus with both clr & sepia plates of life on the river including views of guides, canoes, club buildings, and of course trophy salmon - bound in tan boards with gold titles & top edge, marbled end papers & silk ribbon marker - limited to 950 hand numbered copies - f in a f sc C$130.00 

  55. Davis, Edward Patterns and Places - Winchester - NJ - 1991 [An incredible collection of 25 chapters showcasing a lifetime of adventures covering the entire spectrum of flyfishing & flytying] 236p + a 2 page bibliography - illus - f/f C$16.00

  56. Davis, Tom - The Little Book of Fly Fishing - Willow Creek - WI - 1997 [Flyfishing more than matching one's wits with an elusive quarry is the culmination of a host of memories, some delightful while others like splitting the crotch of your waders when you are belly deep in a pool or watching the tip of your $400.00 rod snap as the trunk closes. Photographer Dale Spartas has captured a wonderful collection of streamside moments in this nifty little book.] 18mo - 112p - illus in clr - f/f C$10.00 

  57. Dawson, George. Pleasures Of Angling - Derrydale - MS - 1993 [Being a lovely facsimile of the author's famous work first published in 1876] 264p - illus - bound in attractive brown leather with glt & black pictorial cvr & sp - marbled eps - aeg - Limited edition of 2500 hand numbered copies - f. C$20.00

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  59. Dobson, James Faithful Travelers - Bantam - NY - 1998 1st ed [A unique & poignant odyssey of father & daughter on a fly-fishing journey in search of trout and a new sense of family] 277p - f/f C$16.00

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  61. Egan, Van Gorman. Rivers On My Mind - pp - Campbell River, BC - 1998 [An angler, hunter, and naturalist since youth in his native Wisconsin, through retirement years on Vancouver Island, the author, a former biology & oceanography teacher, fishing guide, & master flytyer (having tied the "Steelhead Bee", one of the six fly stamps released by Canada Post ), gives us his third book. Rivers On My Mind is more than a reflection of one salmon angler's life.—It is about treasured memories of companionship, natures beauty, and it is a vivid reminder of the delicate balance between man's needs and the needs of rivers'—It is also about some superb salmon fishing] 179p - frontis by Gordon Buckli, illus b/w by Lorne Ritchie & Hans Buckli - stiff card covers with a dj that features the "frontis art" with raised gold lett - f/f C$25.00

  62. Egan, Van Gorman. River Of Salt - Riverside - BC - 2004 [It has been sixteen years since the author published "Tyee" the history of the famous salmon club at the mouth of the Campbell River on Vancouver Island. Thankfully through the persuasion of a dear friend who insisted that a club as old and as famous as the Tyee, must have still have some untold stories, River of Salt, Egan's fifth book was born as a lasting tribute to the Tyee Club and to the famous salmon waters of Discovery Passage.] 178p including several appendices of Tyee records - illus with photos - bound in pewter buckram with gold titles and embossed Tyee club emblem on front end paper - deluxe edition limited to 130 signed and hand numbered copies - f/f C$100.00 [2]

  63. Egan, Van Gorman. Tyee: The Story of the Tyee Club of British Columbia - Kask - BC - 1988 1st. Edition [The Tyee Club, a historic fishing club on the coast of Canada's legendary Vancouver Island was founded in 1925 at the town of Campbell River. Early writings of this historic angler's destination located near the confluence of Discovery Passage and the mouth of the Campbell River reflect enormous catches of large sea run Chinook salmon where famous anglers including Frank Griswold, the legendary Zane Gray and a host of diplomats and other notables from nearby and abroad tried their hand. The Tyee Club, membership in which money alone cannot buy as before consideration you must personally catch a salmon of no less that 30lbs. under strict club rules is more than an interesting read, it is a record of a North West Coast tradition during a period when both locals and those from abroad mingled on one of the most picturest bodies of water in North America. Author Van Gorman Egan's pen writes from personal knowledge as besides being an accomplished angler/writer, he personally guided at the Tyee Club for several years.] 208p - profusely illus with photos in clr & duotone, including a full clr plate of a guide rowing while his "sport" trolls under a setting sun - frontis features a pen & ink Christmas card "Tyee fishing" by renown BC artist Tommy Brayshaw - bound in full burgundy leather with gold titles - the front endpaper bears a blind embossing of the Tyee Club emblem created by Tom Markham in 1931 and kindly loaned to the publisher for this lovely production - Limited to 180 copies, each signed and hand numbered by the author - f in a matching sc C$250.00 [3]

  64. Egan, Van Gorman. Waterside Reflections - Amato - OR - 1996 [The author, a captivating writer and fly tier extrordinare shares his and wife Maxine's most personal memories of fly fishing the exciting rivers of the west coast and of their wonderful friendship with the immortal angler-writer the late Roderick Haig-Brown] 188p - illus by Lorne Ritchie - L/E of 130 signed & numbered copies - f/f C$75.00 

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  66. Everett, Fred. Fun With Trout - Stackpole - PA - 1952 1st. Edition [Trout fishing in words, paint, and lines by an author who's observations and artistic skills are legendary. Preview by Charlie Fox and intro by Ray Bergman.] 287p - profusely illus in clr & b/w by the author - pictorial eps - bound in burgundy pictorial covers with gold titles - vg+. C$48.00

  67. Falkus, Hugh. Salmon Fishing - Witherby - UK - 1984 1st. Edition [Falkus one of the most knowledgeable Atlantic salmon anglers of modern times shares his vast knowledge of a lifetime of angling for this king of gamefish.] 448p - profusely illus in clr & b/w - fully indexed - signed by the author - f/dj spine sunned o/w f. C$68.00

  68. Farrington, S. Kip Jr. Atlantic Game Fishing - Derrydale - MS - 1997 [A lovely reprint of the author’s 1937 blue water classic. Pursuing giant tuna, broadbill swordfish, white & blue marlin, wahoo, shark, barracuda, & tarpon from Nova Scotia to the Florida Keys. Farrington and other notable famous big water anglers have set impressive records in these waters and it’s all here.] 4to - 298p - profusely illus with superb photos and clr paintings by Lynn Bogue Hunt - Intro by Ernest Hemingway - fully indexed - bound in blue leatherette with pictorial cvr, marbled end papers, gold titles and gold outer edges - f. C$40.00 [2]

  69. Farrington, S. Kip Jr. The Trail Of The Sharp Cup - Dodd Mead - NY - 1974 1st ed [The story of the 5th oldest trophy in International Sport - Tuna Fishing] 176p photos - mapped eps - records - f/f C$10.00 [2]

  70. Farson, Negley. Going Fishing - Country Life - UK - 1943 [A recollection of the travel adventures of the author in North & South America, England, Scotland, France, Norway, & the Caucasus. It's humor and freedom from technical language makes it a good read] 144p - illus by C.F. Tunnicliffe - vg + in chipped dj C$10.00 [2]

  71. Another - [Going Fishing is considered to be among the great classics of the last century and a previous owner of this book has taken the trouble [and expense] of having this copy 1/4 bound in lovely forest green leather over matching linen with glt trim, raised bands and glt & black titles.] - pos on ffep & leather extremities bit worn o/w vg. C$20.00

  72. Fields, Wayne. What The River Knows - Poseidon - NY - 1990 1st ed [The author takes his reader far beyond the angling experiences on his river in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and into an analysis of his middle-age years. When you are alone in the out-of-doors you have a lot of quite time to think, we've all been there! —only Fields shares his thoughts with his readers] 252p pos - f/f C$10.00

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